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Jeff Crawford

Coaching and Guidance:
For Men and the Women Who Love Them

Learn the Tools, Master the Skills


Anyone can fall in love—most of us have proven this to ourselves more than once! But few of us ever learn how to sustain and grow relationships over time. 


Misunderstanding, hurt, resentment, blame and other frustrating issues can crack the infrastructure of our most important relationships. Self-doubt and uncertainty can seep in, negatively affecting all areas of our lives. 

I can help. I’ll teach you the tools and help you master the skills to rebuild self-confidence, improve communication and strengthen the relationships that matter most to you.

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Thoughtful Listening, Trustworthy Guidance


Hi, I’m Jeff… 


As a licensed professional counselor and life coach, I specialize in teaching men —and the women who love them—the skills to identify and resolve habits and patterns getting in the way of enjoying a happy, satisfying life.  


In a non-judgmental space, you’ll receive honest feedback and action-oriented advice that moves you closer to the life you desire.
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“Thanks to Jeff I was able to find a wonderful marriage, be a calmer, gentler father and find peace with many of the struggles that plagued my younger days.”

Change Your Life for Good

Let’s talk.

Schedule a short consultation phone call with me. We’ll discuss your current challenges and if I’m the right person to help you move forward.

Navigating the course ahead.

Together, we’ll chart a plan that addresses your most pressing concerns and frustrations and supports your long-term vision. We’ll decide how frequently to connect according to the issues you’re working to resolve. 

Post-counseling tune-ups.

Once you’ve achieved your goals, you’re welcome to come back any time to check-in and work through any lingering concerns or issues that pop up. 

Fix What's Not Working

With greater self-awareness, you’ll learn how to move forward
with empowered action, hope and confidence.

Imagine how much more joy and fulfillment you’ll experience in all facets of your life when you:


  • Live into your deepest core values.

  • Trust your internal guidance system.

  • Enjoy a renewed sense of self-confidence and clarity.

  • Tap the insights and tools to release worn-out, negative patterns of behavior.

Senior couple hugging

Isn’t it time you began showing up as the strong partner,
father, friend and professional you aim to be? 


Don’t wait a minute longer—your best life is waiting.

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